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If you’re looking for a tailor-made student planner, you need look no further than Due Yesterday. Unlike some organisers marketed at students, Due Yesterday was designed for school use, and so it isn’t full of extraneous or unneeded features. That said, it does include all the features you’d expect from a planner of its type, including a nifty GPA calculator.

The program is easy to use, simple enough that it’s not going to take up all your assignment time, and small enough that you shouldn’t need to uninstall any of your other programs to make space for it.

As well as being regularly updated with new features, Due Yesterday is completely free! If you’re a student on your way to college, or you know one, this program is highly recommended.

Due Yesterday is one of the most efficient, easy-to-use school planners with a free licence available on the PalmOS market.

The program offers you a series of really handy tools that enable you to register all your tasks, classes, schedules, professors and homework.

The fully visual interface displays a week’s view of all the homework and tasks previously registered in the agenda and organises them by class. What’s more, the number of classes is unlimited. Include information such as timetables, class name and professors for each class.

Once you have created all your classes, simply continue to add tasks, lessons and additional "must-do's" related to your classes. Once you have completed the task, simply activate the corresponding box to indicate that you have finished. If the task is extremely complicated and drawn out, Due Yesterday lets you track your progress in that particular task using percentages to indicate the level of completion.

Really now, if what you have been missing in your life is a simple, efficient and complete cost-free school agenda; your search is over!

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Due Yesterday


Due Yesterday 6.2

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